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 Time flies like an arrow; Yalong has been established for 10 years. After several years of market competition, Yalong has evolved from small to big, from weak to strong, from a small workshop, to now covers an area of 30,000 square annual capacity of 500 million modernization of enterprises. See Yalong’s progress, a sense of pride rises in the heart. However, I remember most is not the achievements of Yalong, but the courage and team spirit during hard times.

In 2008, so many companies feel difficult in the global economic crisis, especially companies like us in Manufacture Industry. In the condition of sluggish export situation and excess capacity, the pattern of dependence on export is the bottle-neck of the development of enterprises.

On the critical point between life and death, Yalong adjust the sales management, make new company strategy. We start operating domestic market. So we have many difficult in domestic sales, such as Brand Management and sales network established. We believe diligentness will make up disadvantage. Yalong people with this sub-courage and stubborn spirit start their own domestic market.

Face of the complicated of the domestic market, Yalong should pay more attention to product quality and service, with a high degree of social responsibility and mission to enhance product quality control to higher standard and higher requirements. Lead Yalong into the new market level. Yalong Valves: Self-discipline, Social Commitment. I believe that Yalong will have a brilliant future!

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